1999 - 2005 U.S. Performances & European Appearances

w/Ellery Eskelin
w/Paradigm Shift
  • August 25, 1999: Studio Theater Northeastern University Boston, Mass 7:30pm
    August 27, 1999: Studio Theater (Crossing John at the Crossroads) 7:30 PM Performance
    August 28, 1999: Studio Theater 1:00 PM Concert
    August 28, 1999: Studio Theater (Crossing John at the Crossroads) 3:00 PM Performance
    August 20, 00: Krentzman Quad Northeastern University Boston, Mass 4:00pm
    August 24, 00: Studio Theater w/Patricia Smith and Spain Chang......7:30pm
    August 26, 00: Studio Theater w/Patricia Smith and Spain Chang .....3:00pm
    March 2,3, 2001: Blackman Theater (Crossing John at the Crossroads) 7:30 PM Performances
    October 12, 2001  7pm  Institute of Contemporary Art : Boston  .....AUTUMN UPRISING FESTIVAL
w/Far East Side Band
w/ Ebony Brass Quintet
  • October 23, 1999......Pines Manor...................Edison NJ 7-9pm Concert
    February 27, 2000....Hudson River Museum....Yonkers NY 3pm Concert
    March 23, 2000........Newark Museum..............Newark NJ 6-8pm Concert
    August 30, 2000......Scotch Plains Library...Scotch Plains NJ..7-8:30 pm 
    October 29, 2000....Springfield  Library...Springfield NJ...2-3:30 pm
w/ Bill Cole
  • November 20, 1999: Greenfield Community College, Greenfield Mass.
  •  Sloan Theater......8 PM Concert...Sponsored by: Vermont Jazz Center
    November 21, 1999: .....Vermont Jazz Center..........Concert of duets w/Bill Cole
    January 15, 2000: Sista's Place, Jefferson & Nostrand Ave: Brooklyn NY
    March 30, 2000: Prism Coffeehouse, Charlottesville, Virginia
    May 23, 2000: Vision Festival, New York
    March 31,2001  Flynn Theater Burlington, Vermont : Concert at 8PM
    June 1, 2001 Vision Festival NYC
    November 9, 2001: Better Bridges Festival  The Brecht Forum
     January 5, 2002-Bill Cole Ensemble with Sam Furnace, Joe Daley , Warren Smith , William Parker,  and Cooper-Moore at:    Sistas' Place, 456 Nostrand Avenue corner of Jefferson Avenue:  (718) 398-1766
    March 12, 2002-Bill Cole Ensemble with Sam Furnace, Joe Daley , Warren Smith , William Parker,  and Cooper-Moore at:    Tonic: 107 Norfolk Street NYC...JUNE 1, 2002-Bill Cole Ensemble with Sam Furnace, Joe Daley , Warren Smith , William Parker,  and Cooper-Moore at: VISION FESTIVAL, NEW YORK ... October 11, 2002-Bill Cole Ensemble with Sam Furnace, Joe Daley , Warren Smith , William Parker,  and Cooper-Moore at: CARNEGIE WEILL RECITAL HALL 




  • MAY 31, 2002:VISION FESTIVAL, NEW YORK e Remus)

  • Cooper-Moore : multi-instruments and voice
    Joseph Daley : baritone horn
    Lisa Sokolov :voice
    Michael Wimberly : percussion, voice
    Clayton Thomas : bass, voice



  • w/ Assif Tsahar : Brass Reed Ensemble
    February 2, 2000..Tonic 107 Norfolk Street NYC





w/ Hazmat Modine

  •  Dec 11,1999 , 2000: Jan 22, Feb 19, Mar 24, May 5, 20, June 9, 24, July 8, 29:Sept 2, 23..Oct  21, 28..Nov 11, 25....Dec 9..Terra Blues....Dec 15....The Cooler....9:30pm .June 15-18 Milan Italy:  Festa Della Musica ..Sept 2..Harping for Hunger..2001:..Jan 6, 27..Feb.17.March 7,24,.April 4,21..May 2, 18. June 2, 30.July 21..sept 1, 29..oct 27,..Dec 14...Terra Blues .April 9, 2000.....WBAI  99.5 FM NYC.....LIVE BROADCAST!.10AM-12PM...Feb 2, July 6,.Nov 14,Dec 17....FEZ ....380 Lafayette Street NYC:.. Nov 3, 2001.. at: The New York Academy of Art :
    2002:January 11, 26 ..February 13, 23.. March 8, 30..April 5, 20..May 23,..June 5, 22..July 12...SEPT  7, 20 ..OCT 26...NOV 15, 29...DEC 20...Terra Blues...July 26...FEZ ....DEC 7...GALAPAGOS   ART EVENT: Presentations by Komar & Melamid, Art Spiegelman, Marcel Dzama, Ian Frazier, Christine Hill, Barry Blitt & Arthur Bradford and his mother Katherine Bradford. Music by Hazmat Modine

  • 2003: 1/11, 2/8, 2/22, 3/8, 3/29, 4/12, 5/3, 5/24, 6/13, 6/28, 7/12, 9/13, 9/27, 10/11, 10/24, 11/8, 11/22, 12/12: Terra Blues  1/24: BarBes  4/4: GALAPAGOS 4/27: Harping for Hunger :





A Musical Celebration of the Life of:
SEPTEMBER 16, 2001



  • w/Earl McIntrye:
    December 9, 2001 3pm: Brooklyn Conservatory of Music
    : Jazz trombonist earl McIntyre brings his big band to perform a story set to original music. The piece, much like Prokofiev's famous "Peter and the Wolf" leads the audience through the various instruments of a jazz big band. Tickets $10, $5 for children


  • w/Greg Cohen
    April 4, BRIC Studio  647 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11217

    BRIC Studio presents Possible Fireworks

    Bass player Greg Cohen performs with his invited guests, Mark Stewart (guitar) and Joe Daley (euphonium), for a first-time, one-night-only, no-rehearsal gig. Curated by Janine Nichols.



  w/Cecil Taylor

Cecil Taylor and the Sound Vision Orchestra

Pianist Cecil Taylor, along with Ornette Coleman, is the father of free jazz. Soon after his emergence in the mid-'50s, he was the most advanced improviser in jazz; five decades later he is still the most radical. Having worked with everyone from John Coltrane and Clark Terry to Steve Lacy and Evan Parker, his vision and sound remain singular. All Music Guide uses the words "Intense, Fiery, Complex, Brash, Provocative, Autumnal, Aggressive, Cerebral, Elegant, Volatile." You've never heard anything like it, and as he is, to this day, decades ahead of his time, you likely never will. Typically performing solo, duo, and in small units, this upcoming performance with a 25-piece orchestra is a rare treat, especially within the intimate confines of the Knitting Factory



W/Reggie Workman

At 8:00PM The Africa Brass Project a 21-piece ensemble will perform "A Tribute to an African-American Legacy: The Music of John Coltrane featuring vocals by Montclair's own St. Paul's Baptist Church Gospel Choir.


World Premier of Wispercussion

  Composer : Joseph Daley

April 24th 2002



New York, NY ARTS FOR ART, INC is pleased to announce the line up for the Jeanne Lee Memorial Concert which will celebrate Jeanne Lee¹s life and music on Monday, May 26.
Innovative jazz vocalist Jeanne Lee succumbed to cancer on October 24, 2000 in Tijuana, Mexico. She was 61 years old. Born and raised in New York City, Lee was best known for her rich, husky alto, her daring style, and her emotional poignancy, and she helped pioneer free jazz vocal techniques in the 1960s. Although Dinah Washington, Billie Holiday, and Ella Fitzgerald heavily influence her precise intonation and vocal flexibility, Lee pushed the boundaries of conventional jazz singing by exploring and twisting the syllables of the lyrics.
In 1961,  Jeanne Lee recorded her first album entitled The Newest Sound Around. This led to other duet recordings and tours throughout Europe. She left New York in 1964 for California, where she met and married the experimental sound-poet David Hazelton. Three years later, she moved to Europe and formed what would become a 20-year long musical partnership with German vibraphonist, composer and bandleader Gunter Hampel, who she eventually married. They collaborated on numerous recordings, musical theater projects, dance pieces, poetry, and workshops.
In additional to her work with Hampel, Lee worked with a number of leading figures in jazz, including saxophonists Archie Shepp, Marion Brown, William Parker, Jane Bunnett, and Oliver Lake; pianists Carla Bley, Chick Corea, and Cecil Taylor; and vocalists Sheila Jordan and Bobby McFerrin. She became an important influence on younger singers such as Ellen Christi and Lisa Sokolov as well as her contemporaries. Lee is survived by her daughters Cavana Lee-Hampel and Naima Lee-Hazelton; her son Ruomi Lee Hampel; and a grandson, Beleil.

7:30    Steve Dalachinsky
8:30    Gunter Hampel Galaxy Dream Band with Perry Robinson / Lou Grassi / Mark Whitecage /
Ruomi Lee Hampel / Herscel Silverman / Prince Alegs
9:30    Amina Claudine Myers Solo Piano, Voice
10:30    William Parker leads Jeanne Lee  Project  
voices: Thomas Buckner, Ellen Christi, Jay Clayton, Lisa Sokolov;
Rob Brown, alto / Lewis Barnes, trumpet / Joe Daley, Tuba / Cooper Moore, Ashimba, Piano / Gerald Cleaver, Drums /
William Parker, Balaphon, Ngoni, Bass and special guest: Henry Grimes


C) John Blum Trio

Vision Festival May 5, 1999

Unreleased CD

Track:2) Untitled Composition  (14:05)




D) The Far East Side Band-Urban Archaeology


Label: Victo Records

Released: 1995

Credits: Jason Kao Hwang, Composer, Violin, electronics

Sang-Won Park Ajang, Kayagum

Yukio Tsuji, Shakuhachi, Hand Percussion

Joseph Daley, Tuba, electronics


Track:3) The Shadows’ Play (12:40)



E) Alan Silva & The Sound Visions Orchestra


Released: 2001

Credits:alan silva synthesizer & conduction
scott currie baritone saxophone
j.d. parran bass saxophone, alto clarinet
andrew lamb tenor saxophone
sabir mateen tenor saxophone, clarinet, flute
rob brown alto saxophone
ori kaplan alto saxophone
elliot levin piccolo, soprano saxophone
william connell, jr bass clarinet, flute
karen borca bassoon
mark taylor french horn
art baron trombone
steve swell trombone
bill lowe bass trombone, tuba
joe daley tuba
roy campbell, jr trumpet, flugelhorn, pocket trumpet
raphe malik trumpets
taylor ho bynum trumpet & brass
stephen haynes trumpet & brass
jackson krall trap drums
mark hennen piano
wilbur morris double bass
steve dalachinsky poet
kidd jordan tenor saxophone


Track:3) Sound Vision III (13:14)



 (Original works)


Composer: Joseph Daley

Conductor: Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson (1932-2004)

New Black Music Repertory Ensemble

Center for Black Music Research

Colombia College Chicago

 Venue: Chicago Park District’s South Shore Cultural Center 

 April  24th 2002  


Wispercussion is a five-part suite for chamber orchestra that features percussionist Warren Smith. Each movement is a solo feature for Warren on one of the many percussion instruments that he has mastered.    Vibraphone, Marimba, Tympani, Bells/Gongs and Drum Kit are the instruments that have been selected for the suite.

  Movement one: Vibraphone in a twelve tonal setting with sections of motif and textural repetitions. 3:24

Movement two: Marimba in an open fourths and fifths setting structured on African polyrhythm. 2:41

Movement three: Tympani in a solo portrait that explores the melodic potential of this instrument. This movement is centered on the blues. 4:12

Movement four: Bells/Gongs in a modal chorale setting with four improvisational events. 6:41    

Movement five: Drum set in a portrait that will feature individual and collective use of the snare drum, cymbals, tom toms and bass drum. This final movement will use Brazilian rhythms as a foundation. 6:49



a)   Unaccompanied Tuba


October 9th 1988...............Prospect Park, Brooklyn


Track 1) Freedom Jazz Dance...........................Eddie Harris

In a Sentimental Mood..............Duke Ellington

Night in Tunisia..........................Dizzy Gillespie

Sagg Sack.....................Wilber Morris.........14:19


Antiphonal French horn Suite........................................Joseph Daley

Dedicated to Julius Watkins and Jerome Ashby

Movement 1......3:37

Movement 2........1:32

Movement 3.........2:28

Kampo Cultural Center.....31 Bond Street....NYC....12/27/1988

personnel: Joseph Daley .....Conductor

Tom Varner, Vincent Chancey (soloist), Greg Williams, Joe Livinsky, Ahnee Sharon Freeman..French Horns

Ambrose Jackson, Frank Gordon........Trumpets

Bob Stewart, Tony Underwood......Tubas

Onaje Allen Gumbs....Piano, Michael Richmond....bass

Buddy Williams.............Drums



b)    Solo Tuba

Digital effects and pre-recorded tape

August 17, 1996............WFMU Studios New Jersey

Track 1) Cause and Effect............Joseph Daley…..11:30


 Totality Brass Quintet

Joseph Daley Composer, Conductor and Euphonium

Unreleased Recording from 1981-1982

Blue Rock Studios NY

29 Greene Street NYC



Cecil Bridgewater.....Trumpet

Kamau Muata Adilifu

(Charles Sullivan)..Trumpet

Greg Williams.....French Horn

George Lewis..........Trombone

Bob Stewart.................Tuba

Courtney Wynter.............Reeds

Onaje Allen Gumbs..........Piano

 Robert Banks..................Guitar

JC Boykins.....................Guitar

Guillermo Edgehill...........Bass

Buddy Williams................Drums

Jerry Gonzalez............Percussion


Track 1) Harlem Sunrise & Harlem Sunset 18:40


 Compositions and Arrangements for Big Band

 Mobi Big Band

 Trumpets: Earl Gardner, Stanton Davis, Bill Warfield, Stephen Haynes

Trombones: Art Baron, Jeff Hoyer, Al Patterson, Douglas Purviance

Woodwind: Ted Nash, Patience Higgins, Bob Hanlon, Richard Perry

Tom Olin

French Horns: Libby Shapiro, Vincent Chancey

Piano: Arturo O’ Farill   Bass: Greg Maker

Drums: Tommy Campbell Percussion: Warren Smith

Conductor: Earl McIntyre

 Date: May, 1988  Venue: St Marks Church.......Brooklyn


Track 1) Blue Bossa..............Kenny Dorham arr......Joseph Daley 11:50

Track 2) Ballade of the Fallen African Warrior.....Joseph Daley 18:03



 (Current/Past Projects)


1)   Sam Rivers (wave)/(crystals)/(Inspiration)

2)   Ellery Eskelin (ramification) (Track 5) Title Piece

3)   Muhal Richard Abrams Orchestra (Blu Blu Blu)

4)   Charlie Haden and LMO (Dreamkeeper)

5)   Taj Mahal (The Real Thing)

6)   Hazmat Modine (Bahamut)

7)   Ebony Brass Quintet (Brand New Bag)

8)   Carla Bley Band (Social Studies)

9)   Warren Smith Composers Workshop (Old News, Borrowed Blues)

10)   Reggie Nicholson Brass Concept (Surreal Feel)

11)  Dave Douglas (Witness)

12)  Taylor Ho Bynum (Spider Monkey Strings)