Spring Tour Day 2 May 28, 2011 Tallinn, Estonia

Early departure to Estonia via Copenhagen

Here a photo of our tour manager Uli Blass planning our daily itinerary:

Uli-Tallin Estonia-Text

An afternoon adventure to lunch landed us in an antique shop

with some very interesting items:

Tallin, Estonia-4-Text

Tallin, Estonia-5-Text











We found the architecture of Tallinn also interesting:


Tallin, Estonia-12 - Text

Tallin, Estonia-6













Lunch was finally had at a Texas cuisine restaurant in Estonia……..

Bill-2-Tallin, Estonia-Text

Tallin, Estonia-8-text

That evening a wonderful concert at the Club Von Krahl:


Bill-Tallin Estonia-Text Wade-1-Tallin, Estonia-text