Spring Tour Day 7 June 2, 2011 Kiel, Germany

Over night bus ride north to Kiel

We arrived on Father’s Day in Germany and began a

walking tour of this beautiful city………..


Venue is an interesting converted pumping station……………..

  Die Pump Kiel, Germany

Backstage before the concert………….

Kiel-Backsatge 1-2011


 Concert photos taken by Klaus-Henning: 


Klaus-Henning Hansen



After concert moments…………….

Kiel Backsatge-2011





Spring Tour Day 6 June 1, 2011 Schwebheim, Germany

Berlin to Schwebheim via Tour Bus

Tour Bus-Berlin-2011


Warm and joyous greetings by our friends at Halle 12

Group Collage-Schwebheim


Quite moments before the Sound Check…………….

Schwebheim field photo -2011

Group Collage-2--Schwebheim


Quite moments after the Sound Check……………………



Group Collage 3-Schwebheim


Concert Video………………………………..


Schwebheim, Germany_Halle 12-2011




After a beautiful concert CD signings……………



And a few more quite moments……………………………..








Spring Tour Day 4 May 30, 2011 Warsaw, Poland

Air Baltic flight from Helsinki to Riga, Lithuania to Warsaw

Flight to Warsaw


Lunch at the Hit Hotel before Sound Check………..











The venue ”Nove Kino Praha” is also a movie theater……….


Warsaw Venue-2011


Backstage before the Concert……………….

Backstage 1-Warsaw 2011


Backstage 2-Warsaw 2011 

Backstage 3-Warsaw 2011








Outstanding concert with a burning  solo by Wade……………….


A video post of the my tuba solo in Warsaw………………………


After concert CD signing and late snack………..

 Warsaw after concert collage-2011





The Seven Deadly Sins Video Screening June 7, 2011



Bill Dixon: Going to the Center and Joseph Daley: Earthtones Ensemble created by Jeff Burn and Robert O’ Haire will be screened this coming Tuesday at part of the ongoing events for Vision Festival 2010, a festival devoted to the celebration of avant-garde jazz, dancers, poets and visual artists.


Audio interview of Jeff Burns and Robert O’Haire, creators of the films Bill Dixon: Going to the Center and Joseph Daley: Earth Tones Ensemble




Vision Festival was originally envisioned by dancer and choreographer Patricia Nicholson Parker in 1996 and developed by Arts for Arts Inc with the help of it's board of directors, Lewis Barnes, Jo Wood Brown, Whit Dickey, William Parker ,John Schiek, and Bradford K. Smith. The Festival takes place over 7 days from June 5th-11th and includes an abundant amount of events taking place in several locations including:

Abrons Art Center,Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center, and Campos Plaza Playground.

Vision Festival remains an unusual and inspiring event in is ability to survive without the support of commercial sponsors.You can see Jeff and Roberts films on Tuesday June 7th at Abrons Art Center in Manhattan at 7pm.


Bill Dixon

Bill Dixon was a musician (trumpet, flugelhorn and piano) and teacher born in Nantucket, MA. His early studies came from the Harnett Conservatory of Music and (contrary to my misinformation) he studied painting at Boston University, WPA Arts School and the Arts Student League. He also worked at the United Nations and founded the UN Jazz Society, as well as the Jazz Composers Guild. He has worked with Archie Shepp and Cecil Taylor and was a professor of music at Bennington College for nearly 30 years. He passed away in June of 2010.



Joseph Daley attended Music and Art High School and the Manhattan School of Music. He has received fellowships from the National Endowment, MacDowell Colony, Music Omi, and Geraldine R Dodge Foundation. He also taught music for 30 years. His first album, The Seven Deadly Sins was released in 2011 and he currently plays and is touring with his collaborative project with Wade Schuman, Hazmat Modine, which just released their second album Cicada.


Cicada CD Release event Le Poisson Rogue 5-21-2011


After 6 years of touring, visiting more than twenty countries around the world, Hazmat modine comes back with a new album which reflects their musical evolution. Their new CD, Cidada, is a cosmopolitan view of American Roots and soul music which incorporates sounds from Tuva, Romania and Benin among others, but remains rooted in a specifically American idiom - an idiom that owes as much to the immigrant experience as it does to early blues.

Hazmat CD event-6-

Adding to the extraordinary musicianship of Hazmat's nine musicians on the CD are memorable participations by Natalie Merchant, The Kronos Quartet, Catherine Russell and the amazing Gangbe Brass Band from Benin. Live, the band is driven by a pair of dueling harmonicas, backed by tuba, drums, two guitars and a horn section made up of trumpet, reeds and trombone.

Hazmat CD event-7-

In celebration of the CD release the nine piece band will be joined by opening special guest Rachelle Garniez, as well as Erik Della Penna and Skye Steele.

Hazmat CD event-2

Hazmat Modine

Pete Smith: Guitar

Joseph Daley: Tuba

Rich Huntley: Drums

Bill Barrett: Harmonica

Pam Fleming: Trumpet & Flugelhorn

Reut Regev: Trombone & Flugelbone

Michael Gomez: Guitar and Steel Guitar

Steve Elson: Baritone Sax, Clarinet, & Duduk

Wade Schuman: Diatonic Harmonica, Lute Guitar, Vocals

Chris 2-NYCRich-Tuba LPR-NYC    


Nancy-Wanda 1-LPR-NYC


Hazmat CD event-1









Spring Tour Day 3 May 29, 2011 Helsinki, Finland

We began this day with a ferry ride from Tallinn,


Estonia to Helsinki, Finland

 Ferry Boat Collage














Loading the van for the drive to the Hotel Scandic




Greeting Devorah at the Hotel Scandic……………………….

 Devorah in Helsinki-2011


 On Stage: World Village Festival


Helsinki Stage Study-2011

 Concert Video Clip………………………



 After Party event photos…………………….





Joe-Devorah-Helsinki-6-2011-Edit A






Spring Tour Day 2 May 28, 2011 Tallinn, Estonia

Early departure to Estonia via Copenhagen

Here a photo of our tour manager Uli Blass planning our daily itinerary:

Uli-Tallin Estonia-Text

An afternoon adventure to lunch landed us in an antique shop

with some very interesting items:

Tallin, Estonia-4-Text

Tallin, Estonia-5-Text











We found the architecture of Tallinn also interesting:


Tallin, Estonia-12 - Text

Tallin, Estonia-6













Lunch was finally had at a Texas cuisine restaurant in Estonia……..

Bill-2-Tallin, Estonia-Text

Tallin, Estonia-8-text

That evening a wonderful concert at the Club Von Krahl:


Bill-Tallin Estonia-Text Wade-1-Tallin, Estonia-text













Spring Tour Day 1 May 27, 2011 Hannover, Germany

Tuba Study 1-Hanover


Spring tour began in Hannover, Germany-Masala Festival



Horn Section 1 HM-Gangbe-Hanover



We were blessed to share the stage with the Gangbe Brass Band from Benin Africa, They have a modern innovate approach to the African brass band tradition



Tuba Study 3-Hanover 

The sound of their brass and vocal ensemble work is heavenly



Sax Study 1A-Hanover



    After two rehearsal sessions an outstanding performance was presented to a standing room only audience who enjoyed the concert immensely…………………..


There will be an encore performance in Nijmegen, NL on 6/11


Masala Festival Hannover, Germany



Hazmat Modine 2011 Spring Tour Dates

Hazmat Modine

                      EUROPEAN SPRING TOUR '11

May 27th - June 11th

Jaro Medien

Wade Schuman - harmonicas
Bill Barrett - harmonicas
Pam Fleming - trumpet
Steve Elson - saxophone
Michael Gomez - guitar
Pete Smith - guitar
Joseph Daley - tuba
Rich Huntley - drums

Description: http://www.hazmatmodine.com/graphics/hr_white.gif

May 27th - MASALA FESTIVAL - 8:30pm
Hanover - Germany

Description: http://www.hazmatmodine.com/graphics/hr_white.gif

May 28th - VON KRAHL - 8:30pm
Tallinn - Estonia

Description: http://www.hazmatmodine.com/graphics/hr_white.gif

May 29th - WORLD VILLAGE FESTIVAL Maailma Kylässä 
Helsinki - Finland

Description: http://www.hazmatmodine.com/graphics/hr_white.gif

Warszawa - Poland

Description: http://www.hazmatmodine.com/graphics/hr_white.gif

May 31st - Kulturbrauerei 
Berlin - Germany

Description: http://www.hazmatmodine.com/graphics/hr_white.gif

June 1st - HALLE 12 ALTE SCHMIEDE - 8:00pm
Schwebheim - Germany

Description: http://www.hazmatmodine.com/graphics/hr_white.gif

June 2nd - PUMPE - 8:00pm
Kiel - Germany

Description: http://www.hazmatmodine.com/graphics/hr_white.gif

Worpswede, Germany

Description: http://www.hazmatmodine.com/graphics/hr_white.gif

June 4th - BURG - 
Saarburg, Germany

Description: http://www.hazmatmodine.com/graphics/hr_white.gif

June 5th - PARADISO - 9:30pm
Amsterdam - Netherlands

Description: http://www.hazmatmodine.com/graphics/hr_white.gif

June 7th - DIVAN DU MONDE - 
Paris, France

Description: http://www.hazmatmodine.com/graphics/hr_white.gif

Brussels, Belgium

Description: http://www.hazmatmodine.com/graphics/hr_white.gif

June 9th - WAGENHALLEN - 
Stuttgart, Germany

Description: http://www.hazmatmodine.com/graphics/hr_white.gif

June 10th - KAMMGARN - 
Hard, Austria

Description: http://www.hazmatmodine.com/graphics/hr_white.gif

Nijmegen, Netherlands

Description: http://www.hazmatmodine.com/graphics/hr_white.gif



Solo Tuba Explorations

Solo Tuba Explorations Concert on Sunday afternoon February 27, 2011 
gathered and magnificently connected with a joyously participating audience.

Tunisia, the 40” musicWitness
 picture made Live 

One young Face at the bottom is David Stein, 10, 
a euphonium student just in front of my drawing board 
who was ecstatic throughout the concert