Tuba Trio: Kerry Town, Ann Arbor_Oct 19, 2017

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Joseph Daley’s Tuba Trio performs the Tuba Trio Chronicles which explores the improvisational concepts of the visionary composer & multi-instrumentalist Sam Rivers and is dedicated to his memory.


“This music colors/shades, reflects/deflects, echoes/contradicts, calls/responds, parries/thrusts and swirls about in a pastiche of joyous abandon and transcendent expression.”


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Joseph Daley The Tuba Trio Chronicles






Joseph Daley
The Tuba Trio Chronicles
Joda Music

Joseph Daley dedicates "The Tuba Trio Chronicles" to the memory of his good friend and mentor, Sam Rivers, with whom he played in the Rivbea Tuba Trio along with Barry Altschul. Daley is heard on this on tuba and euphonium and joined by Warren Smith, heard on a drum set, bass marimba, marimba and a variety of percussion instruments, and Scott Robinson on a variety of reeds including tenor sax, bass sax, a jazzophone, contra alto clarinet and Theremin.
As evident from the opening "Interplay" which Daley describes as "An exploration into the intervallic melodic concepts of Sam Rivers …" which underlies improvisations by Daley on Euphonium (and he displays remarkable facility on this) and Robinson on tenor. "Modality" is centered on a modal line as a theme for the three with Daley on tuba, Robinson on bass sax and Smith adding bass marimba accents with remarkable interaction between Daley and Robinson. For "Emergence," Smith is on tympani, gongs, bass drum and Chinese cymbal, Daley on Euphonium while Robinson is on the sour sounding contrabass sarrusophone and the jazzophone (the latter a trumpet sounding instrument) and the feel of the performance is akin to some Art Ensemble of Chicago performances. "Sonorous" is a similar open improvisation vehicle with Robinson's bass sax replacing the sarrusophone and Daley on tuba including playing it with a mute. These performances are like abstract painting with sound as opposed to colors with bit of melody mixing with the tuba's bass lines and the rhythmic accents of gongs and other percussion.
Daley prepared sound textures for 'Terrarium," the longest performance with Smith's marimba adding to his instruments while Robinson in on bass flute, theremin, waterphone and contra alto clarinet on a performance that sounds like a soundtrack to an experimental film and at other times a spellbinding musical kaleidoscope. A lovely rendition of Sam Rivers' "Beatrice" is the only composition that Daley did not write with Smith's vibraphone adding a nice flavor here. The closing "Proclamation" is similar in concept to the opening "Interplay," allowing for some remarkable improvisational segments on tuba and bass sax along with the counterpoint they exhibit at times. Daley, who is exceptional throughout, is remarkable on tuba here.

"The Tuba Trio Chronicles" is an exceptional release of challenging jazz that may not be for those with traditional tastes.

I received a review copy from a publicist. This review originally appeared in the January-February Jazz & Blues Report (Issue 364).


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Tuba Trio World Premier 1-22-2017 in Milan Italy

The Tuba Trio Chronicles (Joseph Daley, Scott Robinson, and Warren Smith) with Craig Harris and Althea SullyCole - PRAYER RITUALS (A QUEST FOR INNER PEACE) - 27 Mount Morris Park West 01-16-17






Prayer Rituals will premier on 1-22-2017 in Milan at Aperitivo in Concerto/Teatro Manzoni exactly a year to the date that a tragic accident took the life of Daughter, Wife, Mother and Grandmother Wanda Daley (Naomi bat Toviyah). We will delve into global prayer rituals that use sound to help in the attaining of inner peace. The ritualistic sounds of Africa, America, India, and China will be used as tools in the development of this composition. We will deal with profound pain, loss and anger as transitional entities one must pass through in the pursuit of the calming of a soul.


Musicians Scott Robinson (Flutes, Tenor sax, Bass sax and Sub Contra Bass sax), Warren Smith (Drum set, Vibes, Marimba, Tympani and Percussion), Craig Harris (Trombone, Flutes, Didgeridoo, Percussion), Althea SullyCole (Kora, Voice, Dance) and Myself (Tuba, Euphonium) will provide the sound/color palette to visit the many worlds of sounds we will be calling on for this enlightening journey.




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God’s Trombones Harlem 2016

Gods Trombones_2


God's Trombones


Thursday, December 22, 2016 @ 8:00 PM 

    Friday, December 23, 2016 @ 8:00 PM ·

MOUNT OLIVET BAPTIST CHURCH   Mount Olivet Baptist Church



God’s Trombones is coming back home to Harlem this holiday season.  Craig Harris will be performing his powerful musically interpretation of James Weldon Johnson’s Seven Negro Sermons in Verse, published in 1927.  The collection of poems that refigure inspirational sermons by itinerant Negro preachers. There will only be two performances December 22nd and December 23rd, 2016.

Craig Harris, a trombonist, composer and longtime Harlem resident. When Craig Harris exploded onto the jazz scene in 1976, he brought the entire history of the jazz trombone with him. From the growling gutbucket intensity of early New Orleans music through the refined, articulate improvisation of the modern era set forth by JJ Johnson, into the confrontational expressionism of the ‘60s avant-garde, Craig handled the total vernacular the way a skilled orator utilizes the spoken word. He has performed with a veritable Who’s Who of progressive jazz’s most influential figures, and his projects display both a unique sense of concept and a total command of the sweeping expanse of musical expression. It is those two qualities that have dominated Craig’s past forty years of activity, bringing him far beyond the confines of the jazz world, into the sphere of multimedia and performance art as composer, performer, conceptualist, curator and artistic director.


Craig Harris – Trombone

Alfred Patterson – Trombone

Art Baron – Trombone

Joseph Daley – Euphonium

Bob Stewart – Tuba

Adam Klipple – Keyboards

Tony Lewis – Drums


LaTanya Hall – Principal/Vocals

Sam McKelton – Vocals – Tenor

Charlotte Small – Vocals – Soprano


“Under Harris’s direction, the highly talented performers blended art and spirituality in a way that brought the house down.  The experience might best be described as a baptism in glorious sound.”

Daily Challenge – Joan H. Allen


The audience wasn’t sure if they should holler “amen” or clap: they did both.”

New York Amsterdam News – Ron Scott


House doors open at 7:15pm

Price: $40 Call 212-662-7779 to order




Liberation Music Orchestra: NY Concerts 2016



A rare New York appearance by The Liberation Music Orchestra under the direction of the illustrious composer/arranger Carla Bley will take place at the Jazz Standard from Thursday 11/3 to to Sunday 11/6. This historic performance should not be missed:





CD Release Concert

Mon., Jan. 18th 7pm @ Harlem Jazz Parlor Festival


Uptown Lowdown Triology_2


Harlem Jazz Parlor Festival
27 Mount Morris Park West
bet West 122nd & 123rd @ Fifth Ave

212-662-7779 (seating is limited)




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JoDa Music Records_Catalogue 2015

JoDa Music Records is proud to announce that we now have five wonderful projects in our catalogue. All of the projects are available online on CD Baby and at The Down Town Music Gallery in New York

 JoDa Music Catalouge_2015





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2015_Tri Centric Foundation Commissioning Series Concert__ Nov. 22nd

The Tri-Centric Foundation commissioning series will provide an opportunity for 4 composers to premiere new works under the professional baton of Taylor Ho Bynum. I am honored to be chosen as one of the composers for the 2015 program.


Cumposers 2015



Coming up on November 22 at Roulette. Tri-Centric Orchestra Commissioning Series, now in its third year, will premiere works for creative orchestra by Michael Attias, Dan Blake, Joseph Daley and Jessica Pavone, conducted by Taylor Ho Bynum. This year, we have the generous support of Dr.Torsten Wiesel, 1981 Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine, a global human rights advocate and an ardent supporter of the arts. Tri-Centric Orchestra Commissioning Series was created to offer creative artists the opportunity to create ambitious new musical works, following Braxton’s tradition of innovative and uncompromising musical exploration. Stay tuned for more information


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Michael Attias (credit: Richard Gartrell)
Dan Blake (credit: Irina Rozovsky)
Joseph Daley (credit: Bryan Whitney)
Jessica Pavone (credit: Erica Magrey)




 BILL COLE / JOSEPH DALEY - Trayvon Martin Suite (Joda Music 003; USA)
Featuring Bill Cole and Joseph Daley collectively on tuba, didgeridoo,
balaphon, nagaswarm, wooden flutes, ocarina, sona, sousaphone, euphonium,
etc. The collective consciousness here in the US has been suffering from
the news we all hear about every day. Trayvon Martin is just one of many
black youths who have been unjustly murdered over the past few years and
way before that as well. We all feel the anger, frustration, sadness,
confusion and hopelessness in the air and it just keeps getting worse. Is
it an artists' or a musicians' job to help us deal with these feelings?
Perhaps. Here is a disc that illustrates these feelings. It was recorded
live at the University of Virginia in March of 2012.
  The first piece is a duo of didgeridoo (Aboriginal drones) and balafon
(large marimba-like), both ancient, ritualistic instruments from different
parts of the world (Africa & Australia), that sound perfect together. The
music has a sublime, warm, somber, earthy and prayer-like resonance. The
second piece, "Evening Passage to Store" for ocarina & wooden flutes
creates a playful, joyous, innocent vibe. "Stalking Nightmare" features a
nagaswarm (Indian double reed) and synth, the vibe is quite nightmarish,
the way many of us felt when we heard about this unfortunate injustice.
Each piece does a great job of capturing the spirit/vibe of what transpired
that night and the mixed feelings we are all still dealing with due to too
many other similar, continuing tragedies. This is an important, strong and
immensely timely work that should be heard by many folks everywhere. -

Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG

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      Almost 50 years away from the assassination of Dr. King, we find ourselves three years away from the death of Trayvon Martin and we find nothing has changed.  These two pros return to the days of civil rights jazz in their tribute to Trayvon Martin and they know how to convey the anger and confusion the times bestow.  Like prime period civil rights jazz, this isn’t easy to listen to but it shows that listening in general is what’s needed for any one that wants to seek a newer world (borrowed from RFK).

Chris Spector
Midwest Record






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Hazmat Modine European Tour Dates 2015



May 27th - June 17th

Jaro Medien


Hazmat Modine 2015_2


Wade Schuman  -  harmonica,  guitar  &  vocals
Erik Della Penna - guitar, banjitar & vocals
Michael Gomez - guitar &  steel guitar
Steve Elson - sax, clarinet & duduk
Tim Kiper - drums & percussion
Mazz Swift - violin & vocals
Pam Fleming - trumpet
Joseph Daley - sousaphone

May 27th - Pavillion 8 pm
Hanover - Germany

May 28th - Forum 8 pm
Bielefeld - Germany

May 29th - Museum Glockengießerei 8 pm
Saarburg - Germany

May 30th - Blues Club – Löwensaal 8 pm
Baden Baden - Germany

May 31st - Jazzhaus 8 pm
Freiburg - Germany

June 2nd - Opderschmelz 8 pm
Dudelange, 3475 - Luxembourg

June 3rd - Alte Feuerwache 8 pm
Manheim - Germany

June 4th - Porgy and Bess 8 pm
Vienna - Austria

June 5th - Jazzit 8 pm
Salzburg - Austria

June 6th - Kammgarn 8 pm
Hard - Austria

June 7th - bee-flat 8 pm
Bern - Switzerland

June 9th - Ampere 8 pm
München - Germany

June 10th - E-Werk 8 pm
Erlangen - Germany

June 11th - Music Hall Worpswede e. V. 8 pm
Worpswede - Germany

June 12th - Halle 12 8 pm
Schwebheim- Germany

June 13th - Jazz Club Kulturfabrik “Alte Mälzerei” 7:30 pm
Eisenach - Germany

June 14th - Kulturbrauerei / Kesselhaus 8 pm
Köln - Germany

June 16th - Savoy 8 pm
Bordesholm - Germany

June 17th - Börse 8 pm
Wuppertal - Germany

Bill Cole & Joseph Daley “The Trayvon Martin Suite”

         The latest release on Jodamusic Records is a duo project by Bill Cole and Joseph Daley in memory of Trayvon Martin.




“My son is your son”

Sybrina Fulton

“All human being are born free and equal in dignity and rights”

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

On February 27, 2012 while returning from an evening passage to the store Trayon Martin was illegally targeted and followed. He was doing nothing wrong. The unjustified pursuit of this young man led to a nightmarish scene where the unarmed seventeen old was shot and killed despite the fact that he had the legal right to stand his ground. This single act ended his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Surely; this must be viewed as a crime against humanity. Similar crimes were committed against Amadau Diallo, Renisha McBride, Jordan Davis, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Ousmane Zongo, Timothy Stansbury, Akai Gurley and countless other African American men, woman and children.





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Video recommendation/review courtesy of Raul da Gama

"I’m taking a Classical palette and I’m trying to write music that reflects an African-American tradition." Joseph Daley


I highly recommend going to the link and viewing the video of Joseph talking about the musicians and the creative process.


Joseph Daley: Portraits: Wind, Thunder and Love

November 4, 2014 by Raul da Gama Leave a Comment


The tumult of Joseph Daley’s albums, The Seven Deadly Sins (Jaro, 2010) and The Seven Heavenly Virtues (JoDaMusic, 2013) has abated, only to make way for another fine recording, this time a series of three profound sketches Portraits: Wind, Thunder and Love. All three albums are musically rich, extravagant productions and serve to give notice that Joseph Daley is an astute composer and an exquisitely detailed arranger. His methodology for composition and performance is the employment of an enormous palette which he wields like a painter set to create a most wondrous musical mural the likes of which will fill a room. Here, his use of instrumentation that includes the use of an ocean of strings, orchestral percussion by the ineffable Warren Smith and two horns in the final selection of this recording provides further evidence of Mr. Daley’s complete mastery of his palette. In fact the portraits that he creates are finely divined and bring to life not only masterly musical colours and textures, but also musical characters that the listener can hear and almost see them as if they were presented in a kind of dancing musical hologram. The visual experience is heightened by a tremendously well-rehearsed string orchestra in which two great musicians Warren Smith and Bill Cole participate. This is by no means intended to suggest that the third portrait—of Mr. Daley’s wife is any less interesting without a singular guest artist. In fact all three portraits are engaging and involving because they are richly orchestrated.


Orchestration is Joseph Daley’s other forte. As an arranger he seems to have a deep and almost uncanny understanding of strings and the relationship that the various strings instruments have with one another. Melding the gradual depth of the family from violin to double bass is something Mr. Daley writes for exceedingly well. Their colours and textures and the timbre of each is singularly pronounced in “Wispercussion.” The manner in which the string section intertwines in both bowed and plucked sequences is magical. And when Warren Smith employs his battery of percussion the effect is melodically, harmonically and rhythmically outstanding. In this miniature, Warren Smith has warmly turned the performance of this selection from Joseph Daley into an attractive and expressive musical excursion. “Shadrack” begins with a wailing nageswaram, an Indian double reed that Bill Cole plays with rapturous beauty. The piercing ululations of the horn are interwoven with the strings that enter after Mr. Cole has had his say with thrilling abandon. A feature of his playing that is too often ignored is its spiritual quality. This was something that inspired Mr. Cole throughout his life as he made music of immense import. The heartfelt nature of “Doretha and the Blues” is almost palpable and Mr. Daley cannot be blamed for being unable to distance himself with the love of his life: his wife Wanda. The languid warmth of the orchestral odyssey is punctuated by pithy statements that serve to give real shape to this extravagant blues. Whatever Joseph Daley comes up with it is going to be hard to top these three albums, but that future music is surely going to be interesting to say the least.

Track List: Wispercussion—Five Portraits of Warren Smith; Shadrack—Portrait of Bill Cole; Doretha and the Blues—Portrait of Wanda Daley

Personnel: Curtis Stewart: violin, concertmaster; Mazz Swift: violin; Jason Hwang: violin; Skye Steele: violin; Charles Burnham: violin; Elektra Kurtis: violin; Jessie Montgomery: violin; Sarah Bernstein: violin; Nick Revel: viola; Janina Norpoth: viola; Trevor New: viola; Nora Krohn: viola; Akua Dixon: cello; Marika Hughes: cello; Amanda Gookin: cello; Rubin Kodheli: cello; Ken Filiano: bass; Ben Brown: bass; Lafayette Harris: piano and keyboards; Warren Smith: percussion, Jerry Gonzalez: trumpet and percussion (6, 7, 8); Onaje Allan Gumbs: keyboards (6, 7, 8); Satoko Takeishi: percussion (6, 7, 8); Richard Huntley: percussion (6, 7, 8); Gregory Williams: French horn (8)

Label: JoDaMusic | Release date: October 2014

Website: jodamusic.com | Buy music on: amazon

- See more at: http://jazzdagama.com/reviews/cds/joseph-daley-portraits-wind-thunder-and-love/#sthash.rqIKzm9Q.dpuf